What is the advantage of campus IP network public address system compared to intelligent public address?

What is the advantage of campus IP network public address system compared to intelligent public address in terms of space and limitations public address (PA)is a mass media that relies on sound only. When TV appeared, some people predicted that "TV will eventually make broadcasting obsolete." But today, it has concomitant, time and space, participation. The traditional broadcasting of the three characteristics still plays an irreplaceable role in our society. With the rapid development of the network, the development of information technology and the rise of the network have become an unavoidable topic in the new world. Any communication mode that wants to be the only one in the traditional way will not lose more room for development. When the traditional media gradually felt the ubiquitous pressure and screamed that "the wolf is coming", the combination of network and broadcasting is the dawn of the development of broadcasting. We firmly believe that public address development still has a future.
First, the advantages and disadvantages of public address relative to other media
As a kind of mass media, broadcasting is different from newspapers and televisions. It is based on the carrier of radio waves. It only relies on sound to spread. It is not like text, but mainly relies on words and images. It does not have sound like TV. There are also images; the broadcast relies on sound transmission for the audience to listen to. This feature gives it the advantage that other media cannot replace:
(1) Accompanying
Since the broadcast relies solely on sound transmission, it can be listened to non-focus and can be moved at any time, so that he can become a loyal companion to the audience. The audience can listen to the radio while doing other things, and wherever they can go, where to do it, and where to hear it, unlike the newspaper watching TV, you can't use it with one heart and one mind. You have to fix it and concentrate on reading and watching. In recent years, traffic programs have been set up throughout the country, specifically for drivers who listen to the radio while driving. These stations and programs generally receive good social and economic benefits and are demonstrating the unique advantages of broadcasting companionship.
(2) Time and space
The radio uses radio waves as a carrier. The radio waves are 300,000 kilometers per second, 7 and a half times around the earth. The speed of transmission far exceeds that of newspapers. The broadcast is fast, it can be broadcasted at any time, and it is broadcasted on the air. The live broadcast is almost in sync with the facts. This rapid spread of broadcasting has great advantages for the ever-changing cities, finance, trade, and information.
IP broadcast system used in campus broadcast program analysis
According to the demand of the public address system (PA system) in the middle school, combined with the distribution of the school building, the broadcasting system adopts the IP network public address system based on the campus network mode for transmission and control. The network broadcasting system solves the problem that the middle school area is large and the area is wide, and the broadcasting transmission is difficult. Through the transmission of the campus network, the above problems are well solved, and the quality of the campus broadcast audio is guaranteed. Stable and reliable webcasting depends directly on the combination of network server and network adapter hardware and software.
The IP network public address system is composed of an IP network broadcast control center, an IP network adapter, an audio workstation, and the like. The system server adopts high-speed dual CPU processing (32-bit MCU+16-bit DSP), digital power amplifier, short delay (0.1s) sound quality (20-16KHZ), and supports data network transmission of various audio formats (MP3, MP2, AAC, WAV), perfect network adaptability, and support real-time encoding of audio audio input. The system has: automatic IP address acquisition (DHCP), direct cross-gateway and core routing switch functions, support for Internet broadcast, and network traffic adaptive function. At the same time, the system upgrade can realize fire linkage and network power supply (POE) function. Its efficient and stable operation system meets the needs of modern campus to create information, network, and digital cpublic address systems; simply access the IP network adapter to manage the broadcast area where the campus network covers:
The digital IP network public address system adopts the widely used TCP/IP network technology in the world, and transmits audio signals in the form of IP packet protocol on the local area network and the wide area network, completely solving the poor sound quality of the traditional public address system, and maintaining and managing the interaction and interaction. Poor performance and other issues. The system is easy to use and easy to install and expand - just connect the digit.