The scope and advantages of digital public address systems

Two questions are introduced for everyone, a range of digital public address systems, and two digital public address systems (PA system). Advantage Digital Network The public broadcasting system uses DANTE/AES67/AOIP technology to transmit audio signals in a standard IP packet over LAN and WAN. It is a two-way audio sound system with pure digital network transmission. It completely solves the problems of poor sound quality, complicated maintenance management and lack of interactivity in the traditional broadcasting system. The system equipment is simple to use, easy to install and expand, and only needs to connect the digital audio terminal to the computer network to form a powerful digital broadcasting system. Each access point does not need to be separately wired, and truly realizes computer network, digital video monitoring, public broadcasting. Multi-network integration.
      The scope of the digital public address system
      Large, middle and primary schools, highways, hotel buildings, commercial chain stores, large and medium-sized enterprises, large and medium-sized bus stations, railway stations, "digital IP network broadcasting system"
      IP (Internet Protocol) is a network layer protocol in TCP/IP. The IP protocol provides a uniform IP packet format to eliminate differences in communication subnets and is used to provide an interconnection platform for various communication subnets or local area networks.
      A system for digitally encoding a broadcast audio signal and transmitting an IP data packet through a network, and then decoding the audio signal by the terminal, which is called a digital IP network broadcast system. With this way of working, multi-network integration can be achieved across LANs and WANs. With a powerful IP network platform, the broadcasting system has ushered in a new leap!
The Internet Public Address System is a smart professional device that provides background music, broadcast and fire alarms for public places. Widely used in factories, commercial and residential communities, schools, plazas, commercial buildings, hotels, etc. At present, the most important feature of public broadcasting systems is the application of digital technology to public broadcasting systems, which makes the installation of public broadcasting systems more convenient, more powerful, more widely used, and easier to operate.
      The network public address system adopts the full digital system and is relayed by the front-end equipment (preamplifier, telephone access device, alarm generator, digital program control host, program-controlled keyboard, modulator, program power timer, music source, monitor, etc.) , terminal equipment (speakers, speakers, residential constant pressure amplifiers, etc.).