What is a Sound Reinforcement System?

What is a Sound Reinforcement System?
Sound Reinforcement (much like a public address system) is the art of using an audio system to enable an audience (of one or more) to listen to a speech or musical performance (which may be live or pre-recorded) with clarity, that they may not otherwise be able to hear due to physical (building or other) or people (large numbers) constraints.
A well designed sound reinforcement system should deliver a constant sound pressure level (SPL) over the entire listening area as well as a constant frequency response. This should be achieved by ensuring sound signals are delivered in proper directivity patterns using point source or line array loudspeakers accurately aligned and positioned to ensure phase interferences between each are kept to a minimum.
MONISMS are experts in sound reinforcement systems for any size venue including stadia, concert halls, theatres and public buildings.

Where are these systems used?
Public Address (PA system), Voice Alarm and Background Music Systems (BGM System)are used in hospitality, leisure, retail, visitor attractions, public buildings, travel and sporting venues.