Low-latency AOIP networking audio — Dante technology

Dante is not only the most ideal audio networking solution, but also the networking technology favored by most professional audio and video manufacturers. All you need is one cable. Dante has rejected Dante's cumbersome and expensive analog or multicore wiring and replaced it with CAT5e, CAT6 or fiber optic cables, which are cheap and common, to implement a simple, lightweight and economical solution. Dante integrates media and control from your entire system into a standard IP network.
Dante's system can be easily expanded from a simple set of console pairs to a computer to a large network of thousands of audio channels. Dante USES a logical path to wiring rather than a physical point-to-point connection, so the network can be expanded and reconfigured with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Dante Controller switches the operation software
Dante Controller is a free software application that enables you to wire audio paths and configure devices on Dante network. With automatic device discovery, one-button signal routing, and user-editable device and channel tags, setting up Dante networks has never been easier.
Dante Controller can not only configure and set path wiring matrix. Dante Controller also provides critical device status information and powerful real-time network monitoring functions, including deset-level delay and clock stability statistics, multicast bandwidth usage and custom event log, which enables you to quickly identify and solve any potential network problems. You can also quickly and easily backup, restore, move, and reuse Dante network configuration with presets, and edit Dante wiring configuration offline.
Dante Controller can be used with Windows and Mac OS X.
The characteristics of
See all the audio devices and channels that Dante has enabled on the web
View and edit device clock and network Settings
Performs audio path wiring between devices and checks the status of existing audio path wiring
Rename devices and channels with names you can easily understand
Custom receive delay (pre-broadcast delay)
Save and reapply audio wiring presets
Offline editing of presets and application configuration for new network deployment
Change the sampling rate and clock Settings
View the multicast bandwidth for the entire network
View the send and receive bandwidth for each device
View device performance information, including delay statistics, clock stability statistics, and packet errors
Lock and unlock the device
Filter the device list by name, sampling rate, delay, and other parameters
View the full configurable event log