AoIP, “Audio over Internet Protocal,”

AoIP, "Audio over Internet Protocal," USES IP networks to transmit Audio. For enthusiasts, AES3 (AES/EBU) and S/PDIF are traditionally the most common digital audio transmission modes. Audio transmission via IP network is emerging with the popularity of network and the increase of bandwidth in recent years.

In terms of specific technical solutions, many companies have successively introduced relevant AoIP technologies, including Dante, REVENNA, Livewire, etc., and AES67 launched in order to unify the above-mentioned technical solutions. At present, Dante should be one of the more mature and widely used solutions.Dante, developed by Audinate of Australia, is a "non-compressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology with nearly zero delay and synchronization". As a holistic solution, Dante not only provides the protocol specification, but also has standardized software and hardware devices.

Professional audio manufacturers can add support to Dante network in various audio products and develop related products based on Dante technology. The new Aurora series professional interface has also been added to Dante version.