Multiroom Audio System (also known as Music Distribution System)

Multiroom Audio System (also known as Music Distribution System)
Classic in the garden for mom while planting her roses, Jazz in the kitchen room for dad while preparing his secret recipe. It is more than just great sound, MONISMS Smart Home make it a life style.
MONISMS Smart Home can help you design a system that allow you to listen to your music wherever and whenever. Our whole house music distribution system helps you to achieve these features and benefits;
Eliminating obtrusive speakers, awkward components, and spaghetti wiring.
High quality speakers will be neatly and almost invisibly installed; surface mounted, in-wall or in-ceiling.
Weatherproof speakers will be selected for your decks, pools, patios, and gazebos to withstand your beach house harsh environment.
Multiple sources to multiple listening zones: Homeowner can enjoy music from one centralized sources being your FM radio, iTunes library, MP3 Playlist, Internet Radio, and etc from anywhere in the house (called as music zone).
All music can be individually controlled by several options; being locally mounted keypads, your traditional TVs, wall mounted touch screen panels, portable touch screen panels, or even your iPhone, iPod and iPad.