Ceiling Speaker Wireless WI-FI Bathroom Sound System

Ceiling Speaker Wireless WI-FI Bathroom Sound System,WIFI Bathroom Ceiling Speaker System A Perfect Sound System for any room , Enjoy background music in your bath or shower! with our integrated bathroom sound system . All you need is your iPod or iphone or Android phone.
Simply pair your phone with our system, then wirelessly listen to your music throught the system, The volume is controlled via your device...Its really brilliant !
Wireless audio streaming allows you to listen to music or other audio from your computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet on your favourite speakers—with better sound quality than you can get from built-in speakers.
WIFI wireless connectivity receives audio streams from computers, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Even from Digital Music players equipped with WIFI Capability. So your mobile device stays mobile, and you have the freedom to move around with it.