What are the advantages of the AOIP public address system?

What are the advantages of the AOIP public address system (PA system)?

It is not difficult to find that many things in our lives are now networked, and the network has been integrated into our lives and become an indispensable part of us. The traditional broadcasting method has gradually been eliminated, and the most popular one is the public address system. But there are still people who don't know much about public address (PA). Let's take a look at its advantages.
        1 public address has realized digitalization and networkization from the production to transmission of the program. The system has high signal-to-noise ratio and will not generate noise in the process of processing and transmission, so that better sound quality can be obtained, and stereo transmission can also be performed.
        2 It is easier to implement intelligent broadcasting. Ethernet itself is a two-way network. The timing, addressing, grouping and other functions of intelligent broadcasting can be easily realized by software on the Ethernet.
       3 Multi-channel public address can be achieved when network speed allows. Since audio files are transmitted in the network in the form of data packets, it is easy to implement multi-channel broadcasting, and different data packets can be sent to different terminals.
       4 Implement interactive mode broadcast and remote AOD. Because Ethernet is a two-way network, the control host can fully monitor the working status of each terminal and can control it. The terminal can also talk to the server through the LCD screen and directly order from the server, which greatly facilitates foreign language teaching.
        5 Convenient management: The operator can realize all the management and operation functions of the host computer by any computer on the campus network, and can also realize the production and transmission of the program on any computer on the campus.
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