POE Dante Audio

POE Dante Audio
In a digital audio system, POE product is a terminal node, providing the playback function of the digital audio system. POE products have two main features: one is the use of Dante digital audio interface, the other is POE network power supply to promote the power amplifier module.

  1. Because each device only needs one network cable, the wiring of each device is simpler and cheaper. The integration of power supply and audio data transmission in Ethernet realizes simple cable layout and conforms to Ethernet engineering specifications.
  2. Audio transmission realizes digitalization, networking, strong system expansibility, and can realize cross-metropolitan or even global deployment of audio system networking.
  3. Distributed digital audio system: In the large audio system with multiple input and output devices, the connection of audio equipment is decentralized and "soft connection" is realized by software.
  4. Through Dante interface, the delay index of network audio data is excellent, and the number of audio channels carried by single network terminal reaches 64 channels of input and 64 channels of output. 5. Dante network features ensure high performance, high quality audio transmission and unified centralized management of the whole system.
  5. Using DanteController software, Dante device discovery and network-wide audio routing can be easily realized. Compatible software certified by Audinate can also control the routing of this module.
  6. POE network wiring adopts Ethernet line bearing 50V DC power supply mode, without various restrictions of high-voltage AC wiring, better meet the safety and fire protection standards of places. 8. Remove AP sockets and adapters to make the working environment safer, cleaner and cheaper.
  7. Requirement scenarios can be selected flexibly, maintained conveniently, and the whole machine is completely closed without fan design, which can reduce the number of system maintenance. Dante digital audio transmission technology relies on its own strong advantages and is widely used in professional audio industry, broadcasting system, telephone conference system, building intelligent audio system, human sports and other industries. Audio transmission is developing towards digitalization and networking. Dante network audio technology represents the development direction of future audio transmission technology