POE Ceiling Speaker With Dante™ Network Audio

Ceiling Speaker With DANTE and POE - Based on DANTE's powerful network audio network technology, it is easy to use, easy to install and easy to manage. Built-in POE power technology, I2S digital audio interface input CLASS-D pure digital power amplifier, the true meaning of pure digital network audio products. This speaker is specially designed for PA systems based on Dante audio networks. It is suitable for installation into a lightweight celing.
The MNS-6522CS is ideal for hotels, conference rooms, shopping center, education, hospitals, retail stores, performing art centers, restaurants, airports, houses of worship, and board rooms.
This DANTE Ceiling Speaker, DANTE audio product for MONISMS, is also compatible with all other brands of the DANTE/AES67 audio protocol.

6.25 Inch POE+ DANTE IP Ceiling Speakers MNS-6AXXCS-1P