New AOIP DANTE background music public address system

AOIP DANTE Background Music System (BGM System)-With the rapid development of urban construction and complex, large-scale buildings, "security in emergencies" has become the most important issue of concern. At the same time, people's demand for high-quality services is constantly rising, and the background music system(BGM System) can also meet the following needs.

DANTE public address system (PA system) should have the following functions: Emergency Broadcasting System

Emergency broadcasting mainly uses remote control microphone for emergency broadcasting. In case of fire or other emergencies, background music and emergency broadcasting can be switched. The system can be divided according to the floor. When an emergency occurs, it can be confirmed first. When a fire alarm is confirmed, emergency broadcasting can be carried out immediately. The realization of the functions of public broadcasting system: Dynamic information can be broadcasted in all districts and office buildings.

Various background music (BGM) programs can be provided to each district.

A variety of radio programmes can be provided to each district.

The program source system adopts chairman-first technology, which can manually switch the background music and voice broadcasting. The partition multi-power amplifier system can improve the reliability of the system and reduce the proportion of backup power amplifier. Advanced digital sound processing technology can be used to adjust the processing according to the specific construction conditions, so as to obtain high quality speech clarity and smoothness.

When a fire alarm occurs, the broadcast area is selected according to the fire zone, and the broadcasting broadcasting is interrupted by switching in the main control room of the broadcasting to enter the state of fire broadcasting.

The background music system (BGM System)of public address (PA system)rovides professional quality background music and public address to create a comfortable environment. It is widely used in supermarkets, churches, temples, hotels, sports venues, factories, office buildings, exhibition halls, entertainment places, etc.

New AOIP DANTE background music public address system (PA system)