Digital Campus IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System

Analysis of Digital Campus IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System 1. Background of IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System Project Primary school is the most important activity place for teachers and children. The construction of campus broadcasting will greatly improve the level of school running, give full play to its role and lay more foundation for the benefit of school management. Campus broadcasting will play an increasingly important role in schools. Its reliability, security and practicability will provide a stable platform for the campus.

2. IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System Project Requirements The design of public broadcasting system meets the following functional requirements: Information dissemination: using background music broadcasting to disseminate school related information, weather forecast, news information, good people and good deeds, etc. Timing broadcasting: the use of public broadcasting system, to achieve the school daily work and rest after class automatic ringing, automatic broadcasting gymnastics; Inter-class music: use public broadcasting system to play relaxed background music, reduce environmental noise, and create a relaxed and pleasant intermission environment; Emergency broadcasting: When an emergency occurs, it can broadcast the emergency broadcasting information in time and quickly evacuate the crowd.

3. Design of IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System The school has the characteristics of large area, wide distribution and many equipment. Therefore, the system design should be adapted to local conditions. The comprehensive technology, products and specific design ideas are as follows: 1. Taking campus broadcasting as the theme of scheme design, classifying places such as teaching, accommodation, playground, campus, etc. 2. Construct a full-network, automated and intelligent broadcasting system with network as the bridge. Aiming at assisting students and teaching assistants, scientifically dividing and rationally planning can achieve the most practical system under the conditions of class convenience. Units, specific areas as units, fixed programs at regular intervals, complete the school's automated examination, campus sports broadcast and other large-scale functional design.

4. Characteristics of IP (DANTE/AES67) Network Broadcasting System 1) Full network and digital communication: The system adopts network digital architecture and network transmission control management, avoiding signal attenuation and noise of traditional audio broadcasting, and providing high fidelity sound quality; 2) Intelligent design and automatic operation: the system realizes automatic playback, regular playback, circular playback and other intelligent playback functions through various programming, graphic menu interface design, simple operation, convenient and fast management; 3) Distributed architecture, strong expansibility: the system uses distributed architecture construction, construction is simple and convenient. For each additional IP broadcasting point, only the network broadcasting adapter can be added. Using the internal communication network, the broadcasting system and the computer network system can be shared to reduce the investment in multi-network construction. 4) Relax system, zero maintenance operation: With the help of mature Ethernet communication technology, each terminal equipment is equivalent to a terminal connected to the campus intranet. The system adopts independent network segment design, embedded host, etc. Under the normal use of the network, zero maintenance of the system can be achieved.