Dante Audio Application PoE Solution


For a long time, we have been using analog signal cables to transmit audio. This method is easy to understand, but it is expensive, complicated, and troublesome. These are the problems in traditional audio projects. The PoE audio that supports the Dante protocol can take power directly from the PoE switch through the network cable, making the audio transmission simple and straightforward. The single port of the Kedi PoE switch can provide 30/60W of power and power the high-power audio equipment through the network cable.

The traditional conference wiring is cumbersome, the management is inconvenient, the scalability compatibility is poor, the sound delays, and the signal is far away from the distance. The project requires that the conference room construction breaks through the tradition, and the equipment needs to be simple, convenient, easy to operate, and highly scalable. For this project, Kedi designed the Dante digital solution.

Application scenario
Ballroom and Function Room Banquet and Function Rooms
Bars and Restaurants Bars and Restaurants
Classroom Classrooms
Meeting room Conferance Rooms
Chapel Houses of Worship
Theme Park Theme Parks
Shopping factory Shopping Malls

Program description

The equipment selection of the conference room needs to meet the requirements of clear language, flexible use, advanced equipment, stable and reliable, and scalability. For the requirements of this conference room system, we use Kedi high-power PoE switch (60W) to connect digital audio processor and audio and microphone. As the hub of the audio system, the PoE switch is responsible for data processing and control between the audio processor and the audio microphone. The PoE switch directly supplies power and signals to PoE active speakers and microphones for perfect integration of the audio system. The Dante network features ensure high system performance, high quality audio transmission, and unified centralized management, lightweight and easy to install, and easy to route.

Dante technology is the basis of the whole system, and the whole system adopts the mode of centralized control and decentralized processing. Locally through the PoE switch, you can perform independent conferences or interconnect with other conference rooms through the interconnection between PoE switches.

Program characteristics

1: Using Dante signal transmission and control, forming a separate LAN, the signal is stable, clear, and the delay is reduced.
2: All equipment network cables are connected to the PoE switch, which is easy to install and flexible to expand. The 52V PoE is weak and meets the requirements of fire safety.
3: Each network speaker has an IP address, which can monitor the running status of the device in real time in the background, which is convenient for centralized management and control.
4: Microphone and audio are powered by PoE switch, Dante transmission
5: Switch standard: IEEE802.3bt

Program advantages:
1: Simple wiring, IP network management, signalless compression, lossless transmission;
2: Reduced the cost of human and material construction, and optimized the quality of audio transmission signals
3: high fidelity, strong confidentiality, intelligent control distribution management;
4: Extensibility, PoE switches provide multiple ports, unlimited, and expand at any time