Multi-room Systems

Multi-Room means music or video in every room you want it – but connected. You can play the same or different music in every room at the same time, with easy to use controls. Start playing a Movie in one room, pause it, then continue playing it in another one.

We have several multi-room manufacturers to choose from, most of which use a standard infrastructure, and so are broadly interchangeable. The MONISMS Digital Streaming system is one of the best established and offers some of the most flexible audiophile quality sound, controlled from handheld wireless control devices such as a phone or iPad. The VAST multi-room system is great for budget systems and where the installation of network wiring is not practical as it can form it’s own digital wireless network. For those that prefer the legendary Linn or Naim sounds, we offer the full range of  MONISMS digital streaming multi-room components.

We believe these provide the finest quality audio coupled with reliability and ease of use. Both MONISMS Audio have been at the forefront of top quality audio systems in the for many years and are associated with audio excellence.