Audio over IP with Dante

Today’s AV applications make use of networked audio as a means for audio distribution. Earlier audio networking technologies provided varying degrees of five important objectives: fidelity, stability, flexibility, ease of implementation, and ease of use. With the introduction of Dante® audio networking from Audinate, AV system designers now have an audio network that excels in all five objectives. Dante audio networking provides digital audio distribution over local and wide area networking, using standard network hardware or by connecting into a standard network infrastructure. This provides many advantages, including audio system scalability, easier installation, and simplified wiring. Dante allows uncompressed high resolution digital audio to be distributed across a switched Ethernet network using standard TCP/IP protocols, while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio.

Incorporating Dante technology into an audio system enables highly flexible, decentralized audio distribution throughout a facility, building, or campus. Dante Controller software from Audinate is an easy-to-use application for setting up and managing Dante-enabled products, including configuring audio routing between MONISMS Commercial Digital Audio Products and third-party Dante-enabled devices on a Dante network. Features such as automatic device discovery when launching the software streamline the setup process.

Dante-Enabled Products from MONISMS
MONISMS offers a full lineup of Dante-enabled products that allow AV integrators to include Dante audio networking technology into a variety of applications, enabling highly flexible, decentralized audio distribution throughout a facility or building. They deliver reliable performance and flexibility in the distribution of audio signals, and many additional integrator-friendly features to meet your audio system needs.
Dante-enabled products from Extron work together as part of a complete networked audio system solution, and also integrate with other Dante-enabled products. They accommodate a range of audio processing and routing needs in a variety of applications, including banquet rooms, lecture halls, corporate buildings, paging applications, and campus wide audio distribution.