Product Description

The MONISMS MNS-4400ACS is a digital steerable active column-speaker with DANTE®-Input.
Thanks to its very small and unobtrusive enclosure the MONISMS-Speaker is a fit for most architecturally sensitive environment including mu­seums, churches, conference-rooms and many more challenging spaces and environments.
With its two-channel DANTE®-input integration into existing IP-networks as well as a direct integration to other DANTE®-enabled products is simple.
The DANTE/AES67 column-loudspeaker advances the MONISMS Architectural line of modular arrays with a self-powered electronically-steerable loudspeaker offering consistent audio levels with outstanding vocal intelligibility and fullrange music reinforcement.

DANTE Active Column-Speaker MNS-4400ACS User Manual
DANTE Active Column-Speaker MNS-4400ACS User Manual